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A Legacy of Winning

Winning is in my DNA. I have the experience to know how to win and win big. After graduating from law school with honors, I started practicing law in Salem, Oregon in 1973. I was mentored by one of the finest trial lawyers in Oregon at the time, Bruce W. Williams. His firm was defending cases for the largest insurance companies and corporations in America. At that time the legal system did not have court settlement conferences, mediation or arbitration as processes to get cases resolved. If the attorneys for the parties did not get a case settled through negotiation, it went to trial and was decided by a jury. As a result, most cases went to trial and I quickly honed my skills as a trial attorney.

Early Career and Trial Expertise

In the early part of my career I tried 30-50 jury trials each year. I have tried approximately 1,000 jury trials to conclusion as of today. I can say, without bragging, that I know how to win a case in court. I have a proven track record of success. There are very few attorneys with my experience practicing law in Oregon today.

The Importance of Experience in Legal Representation

When a client hires an attorney they are needing professional judgment about what to do. They don’t know the process or what is a fair settlement amount. They need to decide whether to settle their case or take it to court. That is where experience comes into play. Experience provides an attorney with the knowledge needed to provide reliable professional judgment. I have that experience.

I have successfully tried cases involving millions of dollars for the largest insurance companies and corporations in America. None of these clients hired me to lose their cases. They hired me to win. They relied on my experience to win. I have a long track record of winning in the courtroom.

Adapting to Industry Changes and Ethical Stances

In recent years, the insurance industry and a lot of our other corporate clients have begun to rely on data analysis, algorithms, artificial intelligence and super computers to evaluate cases. The industry is relying less and less on the professional assessment of their claims professionals and outside attorneys. This trend is troubling. While it certainly can save these companies money by reducing labor costs, it is taking the human factor out of the process. The average person who is injured or has lost a family member in an accident is reduced to a data entry. It is not right and our law firm has decided to do the right thing and to switch sides.

A Bold Shift: Advocating for Plaintiffs

After spending five decades defending insurance companies and their insureds, people were shocked to learn that our law firm was changing sides to exclusively represent plaintiffs. While this change may seem surprising to some, for me, my practice has always been ensuring that hard-working juries find the truth and dispense fair justice. In addition to representing insurance companies and their insureds over the years, I have also represented catastrophically injured accident victims who had claims against insurance companies that were not our clients. I know how the insurance industry works and what it takes to get them to pay a fair settlement.

Leveraging Expertise for Plaintiffs

Other plaintiff’s attorneys have asked me to associate as co-counsel on cases they were handling. They’d bring me in to add more credibility and muscle to the team, knowing that having me on the trial team with would cause the insurance companies to offer more money, sometimes a lot more money. The insurance companies have seen what I can do for them―they sure don’t want me to now do it to them, and they’re willing to pay more to get a case settled rather than face me in court. I’ve gotten our clients some of the largest settlements and verdicts across Oregon. In the last couple of years, I have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and judgments for our injured clients.

Case Study: Turning the Tables for Justice

For example, recently, a skilled Oregon trial lawyer with a terribly injured client simply couldn’t get an insurance company to pay a reasonable settlement. The lawyer was out of ideas, so he asked for our firm’s help. Within a matter of weeks, we settled the case for more than ten times the amount they’d previously offered. The insurance company quickly decided that they’d better not play those games with us. And justice prevailed.

Championing Catastrophic Cases

In my current role, I handle a limited number of “catastrophic” cases where individuals have had their lives altered in an instant due to a serious accident. Many people come to me feeling vulnerable and intimidated by the legal process. I see myself as their advocate, fighting fiercely to secure the compensation they need to rebuild their lives.

An Invitation to Seek Help

It’s an honor to share my years of experience and give back to the legal profession while advocating for clients in need. If you or a loved one needs some help, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We have a team of experienced attorneys ready to help you.

  • B.A. University of Illinois 1968
  • J.D. cum laude Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago Kent 1973
  • Oregon
  • U.S. District Court, District of Oregon
  • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Oregon State Bar Association
  • Marion County Bar Association (Board of Directors, 1982-1986; President, 1986)
  • Oregon Trial Lawyers Association
  • Council on Court Procedures, 2000-03 (Vice Chairperson, 2000-01; Chairperson, 2001-02)
  • Oregon Association of Defense Counsel (Board of Directors, 1981-1986; President 1986) (past member)
  • Federation of Insurance and Corporate Counsel (State representative 2013) (past member)
  • International Association of Defense Counsel (past member)
  • Defense Research and Trial Lawyers Association (past member)
  • Association of Defense Trial Attorneys (past member)
  • American Board of Trial Advocates (past member)

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