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A Seasoned Lawyer with a Direct Approach

Tom Spooner is a seasoned lawyer known for his expertise in the courtroom. His clients value his direct approach and steady guidance in navigating complex legal matters in state and federal court.

Philosophy: Focusing on Clients, Not Flashiness

In the world of law, some plaintiff’s attorneys seek attention for their flashy personas, complete with cowboy hats, private jets, and dramatic courtroom antics. However, Tom believes that the heart of any case should lie with the injured clients—their stories and their struggles, and holding the responsible people accountable for the devastating injuries they caused.

Building Trust with Honesty and Solid Facts

Unlike lawyers who seek fame or social media acclaim, Tom prioritizes earning the trust of the jury through honesty and a commitment to solid facts and persuasive evidence. He knows that you don’t need flashiness or flamboyance to persuade a jury; they can see through the games. Instead, Tom aims to be the reliable and relatable attorney jurors feel comfortable with, someone they can tell will be straight and honest with them.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

His success in court stems from his meticulous attention to detail. Tom thoroughly examines every document and record related to a case, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

Respect as the Foundation of Legal Practice

Tom’s approach to legal practice is grounded in respect for all involved parties, regardless of their position. In a recent trial against formidable opponents, he prioritized building relationships with everyone present, from the sheriff to witnesses on both sides. Tom firmly believes that mutual respect is key in courtroom proceedings. He knows that juries want to find in favor of the person whose lawyer they trust not to play dishonest games.

Legacy and Mentorship: Learning from Ralph Spooner

Tom’s journey to becoming a top-tier lawyer began with his father, Ralph Spooner, long known as one of Oregon’s most skilled and successful trial attorneys. He learned firsthand from Ralph’s expertise, spending countless hours observing trials and discussing detailed legal strategies while driving back from big trials in small towns across Oregon, or casually over dinner. This mentorship approach, once common in legal education, provided Tom with invaluable hands-on experience that sets him apart in today’s legal landscape.

Unmatched Experience in Jury Trials and Arbitrations

Having served as the lead attorney in over 100 jury trials and arbitrations, Tom’s depth of experience is unmatched for someone his age. He understands that true proficiency in law is honed through real-world practice, standing alone in front of a jury, where cases are ultimately decided.

Commitment to Justice and Advocacy for the Injured

Driven by a belief in justice and a commitment to advocating for seriously injured victims, Tom remains dedicated to his clients and tirelessly pursues the fair and just resolution of their cases.

  • Certificate of International Studies University of Notre Dame, Australia 2002
  • B.A. University of Portland 2003
  • J.D. University of Oregon 2007
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • U.S. District Court, District of Oregon
  • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Oregon State Bar
  • Marion County Bar Association
  • Multnomah County Bar Association
  • Oregon Trial Lawyers Association

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