Unraveling the Complexity of Pedestrian Accidents

Prevalence of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are unfortunately common, constituting around 22% of all road traffic deaths globally according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In 2019, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported pedestrian fatalities accounting for about 17% of all traffic fatalities. Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable groups on the road. 

Oregon’s Focus on Pedestrian Safety

In Oregon, ongoing efforts aim to enhance pedestrian safety, addressing factors such as population density, traffic patterns, infrastructure, and public awareness. Urban areas have more pedestrian accidents due to increased foot traffic, interactions at intersections, and potential distractions. This makes pedestrians more vulnerable, particularly children and the elderly.

Severe Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

Due to the lack of physical protection, pedestrian accidents often result in severe injuries, including head injuries, fractures, spinal cord injuries, internal injuries, and road rash.

Factors Contributing to Pedestrian Accidents

Various factors contribute to pedestrian accidents, including driver negligence, failure to yield, limited visibility, aggressive driving, and reckless behavior.

Why Choose Our Oregon Personal Injury Firm for Pedestrian Accidents?

Defending Insurance Companies for 50 Years

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With an unparalleled understanding of insurance companies cultivated through years of defending them, we bring a uniquely powerful advantage to those seeking justice after an accident.

Fierce Oregon Pedestrian-Injury Trial Lawyers

Boasting a track record of successful jury trials that few Oregon firms can equal, we are relentless advocates for our clients. We are always ready to take cases to trial, ensuring that our seriously injured clients receive genuine justice.

Insider Knowledge

Understanding the mindset of insurance companies is crucial when seeking fair compensation. We possess a nuanced insight into how insurers operate, evaluate cases, and make settlement decisions. This knowledge allows us to strategically leverage that insight to ensure our clients receive the maximum settlement for their injuries.

Trial Mastery

In an era where fewer cases proceed to trial, we stand as fierce and effective trial lawyers. With a track record of successful jury trials that few law firms in Oregon can equal, we’re ready to expertly take your case to trial if necessary. Our commitment to real justice for seriously injured victims sets us apart from “paper tiger” lawyers who shy away from the courtroom.

Legal Considerations in Oregon

Personal Injury Protection (PIP): A Crucial Component

In Oregon, PIP, a no-fault coverage, is crucial in motor vehicle accidents, extending to pedestrian accidents. PIP benefits, covering medical expenses up to $15,000, apply to injured pedestrians under their own auto insurance policy (if applicable) and the policy of the involved vehicle.

Determining Liability for Fair Compensation

Accurate determination of liability is critical for seeking compensation. If the driver is at fault, the injured pedestrian can pursue a personal injury claim against the driver’s insurance company, covering medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and related costs.

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