Navigating Product Liability Claims in Oregon

Understanding Dangerous/Defective Products

Dangerous or defective products can range from everyday household items to complex machinery and electronics. When used as intended or reasonably expected, these products can cause harm due to design flaws, manufacturing defects, or inadequate warnings.

Our personal injury law firm is uniquely suited to represent people seriously injured by dangerous or defective products, because we staunchly defended these types of injury claims for 50 years.

Why Choose Our Oregon Personal Injury Firm for Product-Related Injuries?

Defending Insurance Companies for 50 Years

The first rule of a successful negotiation is: Know Your Opponent. In an injury case, your opponents are (1) the insurance industry, and (2) their highly skilled defense law firms.

Fortunately for Spooner Staggs clients, no law firm knows the insurance industry better than we do―we spent 50 years as one of the insurance industry’s top defense firms for their biggest, toughest cases. We’ve walked in their shoes, analyzed thousands of cases for them, and encouraged fair outcomes for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of product liability accidents and injuries.

This rare experience has given us an insider’s knowledge and understanding into how the insurance industry analyzes, evaluates, prices, and settles cases. We’ve walked in their shoes, so we know all their tools, tricks, and techniques. We know the buttons to push and the levers to pull to motivate them to settle cases more quickly and for more money.

With an unparalleled understanding of insurance companies cultivated through years of defending them, we bring a uniquely powerful advantage to those seeking justice after a defective product failure or injury.

Fierce Products Liability Trial Lawyers

Boasting a track record of successful jury trials that few Oregon firms can equal, we are relentless advocates for our clients. We are always ready to take cases to trial, ensuring that our seriously injured clients receive genuine justice.

Insider Knowledge

Understanding the mindset of insurance companies is crucial when seeking fair compensation. We possess a nuanced insight into how insurers operate, evaluate cases, and make settlement decisions. This knowledge allows us to strategically leverage their internal processes, ensuring our clients receive the maximum settlement for their dangerous or defective products injuries. 

Trial Mastery

In an era where fewer cases proceed to trial, we stand as fierce and effective trial lawyers. With a track record of successful jury trials that few law firms in Oregon can equal, we’re ready to expertly take your products case to trial if necessary. Our commitment to real justice for victims injured by dangerous or defective products sets us apart from “paper tiger” lawyers who shy away from the courtroom.

Common Types of Product Liability

  • Design Defects: Inherently flawed designs affecting entire product lines.
  • Manufacturing Defects: Individual products differing from the intended design during production.
  • Inadequate Warnings or Instructions: Products lacking proper warnings or clear usage instructions.

Consumer Protection Laws and Recalls

To protect consumers, countries have established consumer protection laws, and regulatory agencies issue recalls for dangerous products. Reporting incidents or injuries related to products to consumer protection agencies is encouraged.

Pursuing Compensation: Product Liability Claims

When dangerous or defective products cause harm, injured parties can pursue product liability claims to seek compensation for various damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Complex Legal Issues

Product liability claims involve complex legal issues, and seeking the guidance of a qualified attorney experienced in these cases is advisable.

Determining Liability

In product liability claims, determining liability is crucial for seeking compensation from the responsible business. If the business was negligent in design, manufacturing, or warnings, injured parties may pursue claims against the business’s insurance company.

Your Advocates for Justice

Our firm has defended personal injury claims for 50 years, including those involving dangerous or defective products. Leveraging our inside knowledge, we’re here to assist those injured by such products. If you’ve been harmed, call us to discuss your case with one of our experienced products liability attorneys.